2017 Fall Golf League

Welcome to the 2017 North Andover Fall Golf League.Whether you are new to the League or a veteran, we encourage everyone to read this page.This is a relaxed league and the honor system is expected.  Relaxation of the rules is permitted when opponents are in agreement. This will be our 1st Official year of Fall Golf and we expect it to be fun and competitive.  We are open to any and all comments and suggestions to improve the league, really! We are all together in charge of how this league runs.  Any suggestions, letís talk about them after the golf is over for the day.


Lost Ball, Out of Bounds, or Ball in a Hazard, unplayable lie, are all treated the same. One Stroke Penalty, no loss of distance, drop the ball at the nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole. This is not the fairway, nor is it far enough so you may get around a tree. This is the nearest point to where the ball entered where you can freely swing the club.

Putts may be conceded, but remember, there are others on the course that may be affected, so be reasonable.

You can roll the ball with the clubhead 6" in the fairways and rough, but not the green.

Any ball in the woods must be played as it lies. A ball in the woods is not lost if you have found it. If you want to declare it lost and look for it, fine, but you canít look, find the ball and decide then. If you walk into the woods and the ball is identified lying at your feet, you have to play it or take an unplayable lie, which is one club length.This may still be in the woods, so again, donít go 20 feet into the woods looking, knowing you cannot possible hit it out. This will save time and allow us to play quicker, just declare the ball lost and drop at point of entry, itís just a ball.

Bare dirt in the fairway or rough is "ground under repair".Take a free drop, nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole, without any penalty.

A ball plugged or lying in a wet area or mud may be moved without penalty.If a ball clearly plugged and cannot be found, you can drop another ball as close as possible to where you think the ball plugged without a penalty stroke.